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When you look at EECON's past projects and wealth of management experience you might think that EECON is a much larger construction firm. On the contrary, we pride ourselves on the ability to bring you the strengths and expertise of a large corporation while remaining small, hands-on and personally involved in the project we undertake.

The EECON team welcomes multi-faceted, complex projects. Our experienced team of project managers and superintendents are prepared to overcome challenges from conceptual, problem-solving design to rigorous, realistic budgeting to the tightest deadlines. In the spirit of total quality management and continuous improvement, we know that these experiences help us continue to raise the standard and to provide our clients with ever-higher standards of excellence.

At EECON, we promise to:

Be Responsive

The first step in serving our clients is being responsive to their needs.  We always call you back on the same day.

Have an Excellent Attitude

Our role as a leader depends on a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances are - we take that very seriously.

Be Flexible

Change is inevitable in construction. We adjust, adapt and move forward to diminish any impact to the project cost or schedule.

Be Creative

Yes, it is possible to be technically inclined and an innovative thinker at the same time.  We are proud of our creative solutions to complex issues.

Develop Proactive Solutions

Our intense focus for achieving goals prevents us from getting "tunnel vision" on obstacles. We develop proactive, positive solutions.

Bring Value to Your Project

As effective communicators, we will explain our decisions and answer your questions. We will make sure we exceed your expectations so that you recognize our value to your project. 

Be Real

Believe what we say.  We do what we say we are going to do, and don't break promises.  

Provide  a Realistic Budget

One of the best and most unique skills is providing you with a timely, comprehensive budget based on your project's design. You will never be faced with the uncertainty of how much your project is going to cost to accomplish your vision. Once you agree on the budget as planned, we stick to it.

Have Fun

We love what we do! Even on the toughest days, we embrace our work and laugh along the way, which provides you with a positive experience throughout the process.

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